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Parul University

P.O.Limda, Ta.Waghodia – 391760
Dist. Vadodara, Gujarat (India)
A state of the art campus, situated in Gujarat’s Cultural Capital, Vadodara. From the date of its inception in 1993 to the point of its recognition as Parul University in the year 2015, the University has grown into one of India’s leading academic Institutions. Parul University is an embodiment of the essence of cultural heritage and diversity with a blend of 21st century modernity. It’s an amalgamation of 22 faculties and 35 institutes, with a plethora of diploma, undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs in the various academic disciplines. Parul University offers a range of over 250 uniquely structured programs designed to suit the career prospects of every student aspirant. The 150-acre lush green campus is home to over 28,000 national and international students from 50 countries, making Parul University a culturally global destination. As a mark of excellence, the University has been awarded as Best Private University in Western India by Praxis Media and Best University in Placements by ASSOCHAM. Our Multidisciplinary network of expert faculties, corporate ties, collaborative research and global partnerships provide our students with an enriching University experience, uniquely shaping every student, to shape the world.


Parul University

P.O.Limda, Ta.Waghodia – 391760
Dist. Vadodara, Gujarat(India)
Dear Candidate,
I thank you for choosing Parul University Distance Education Programme with the motive of enriching your knowledge.
The Directorate of Distance Education, Parul University was established in 2009 as the Parul group of Industries , and now offers different programmes of study suitable to persons of all walks of life and of all ages.
Be sure that you fulfil the eligibility norms before you begin to fill up the application form and ensure that you have attached attested copies of all the required certificates when you despatch the filled-in Application to the Directorate.
In your own interest, please keep photostat copies of your important correspondences with the Directorate and write up the diary pages that you will find at the end of this Prospectus.
All informations relating to the Distance Education Programmes, Examinations, Results, etc., of the University can be obtained from our official website: https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/
I wish you all success in this academic pursuit of yours and your life.






JROP Institute of Echocardiography, U/S & Vascular Doppler ,
A Unit of JROP Institute & Research Centre LLP,
C-1/16 , Ashok Vihar , Phase II , Delhi ,India

It is a premier place for echo training located in northwest part of Delhi , close to Delhi University ,in its state of art auditorium , since 2000. Till date , more than 5000 delegates have attended its various training program from India and other countries like Srilanka , Bangladesh , Nepal , South Africa , UAE , Muscat , Myanmar , Kenya , Canada , France , London (UK) etc..

Its training program have been:

Accredited by:

  • Indian Academy of Echocardiography
  • IMA Academy of Medical Specialities
  • Delhi Medical Council
  • International Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, Alabama , USA.

Endorsed by

  • Cardiological Society of India ( Delhi Branch) (2012-2014)
  • Cardiological Society of India (2019)

Authorized by:

  • Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO),Northwest district of Govt of NCT, Delhi


The main focus in these courses have been on Hand’s on training program and live demonstration with visualization of normal & pathological forms of various parts of heart & heart ailments with the help of live imaging & video clippings. It is the only center in India , which has its own trans thoracic and trans esophageal echo simulator for training.


Courses conducted by the Institute:

  • 7 days basic comprehensive course on echo (2000 onwards)
  • 4 days advances training in echo application and technology (2003 onwards)
  • 1 month inhouse echo training program (2007 onwards)
  • 1 year PG Diploma in Health Sciences , Clinical Echocardiography (2015 -2019), in collaboration with Annamalai University , Chidabaram , Tamilnadu
  • 2 days Transesophageal echo training program (2015 0nwards)
  • 2 days 2D strain echo training program (2015 onwards)
  • 4 days International yearly advanced echo training program ,Dhaka, Bangladesh. (2016 onwards)
  • 2 days national echo awareness program (2016 onwards)
  • 2 days International echo awareness program (2016 onwards)
  • 7 days Peripheral Doppler echo training program ( 2017 onwards)
  • 3 days 3D TTE and TEE training program (2019 onwards
  • 6 months online training program ( 2020 onwards)
  • Virtual live echo online training program (2020 onwards)
  • 1 year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Clinical Echocardiography in collaboration with Parul University , Vadodra, Gujrat.


Course Organizers & Faculty:

  • Dr. Navin C Nanda, nnanda@uab.edu

International President

  • Dr. S K Parashar, 9810146231,drparashar@yahoo.com

National President & Chairman: Scientific Committee

  • Dr. H K Chopra , 9811090204, drhkchopra@gmail.com

Vice President & Course Director

  • Dr Sameer Shrivastava ,9810154522 , Sameer_rashmi@hotmail.com

Course Director

  • Dr. Rakesh Gupta , 9811013246, rakeshecho@gmail.com

Course Director & Chief Course Coordinator

  • Dr. Abhijit Chatterjee, 9831034226 , surveypark@gmail.com

Course Director


The rest of the faculty are leading cardiologist from India and abroad.

In nutshell , we can say that “Its a unique place , which has stood test of the time & has been growing rapidly in the field of echocardiography training nationally and internationally. More details are available on web www.jrop.in or echocourse.in


JROP Institute of Echocardiography, Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler,
A unit of JROP Institute & Research Centre LLP
C-1/16 , Ashok Vihar -II , Delhi-110052 , India                                             

Phone: +91-11-45044040
Email: echocourse@gmail.com , www.echocourse.in , www.jrop.in  

  • Dr. Rakesh Gupta , 9811013246, rakeshecho@gmail.com

Course Director & Chief Course Coordinator

  • Mrs Reena Dua : 9560188488  ,echocourse@gmail.com                  

Chief Program Coordinator



1. Program Offered:
Parul University offers the following certificate course in technical collaboration with the Director, JROP Institute of Echocardiography Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler, New Delhi, during the Academic Year 2022-2023 onwards




1 year Post-Graduate Certificate Course in Health Science
(Clinical Echocardiography)


2. Application Form:
   Application can be filed online via Parul University Admission Portal: www.puadmission.in . Application fees are Rs.500/-.Plus 18% GST (Total 590/-)

3. Duration of the Certificate Course: One Year


4. Instructions for Filling in the Application Form

  • Read carefully and thoroughly the Application Form and the Prospectus before you begin to fill in the form.
  • Check your eligibility, i.e. minimum required educational qualification, for the program you are applying for.
  • While filling in the application form, enter very clearly and correctly the programme code, name of the program.
  • Upload self attested copies of certificates for the educational qualification.
  • If the certificates submitted by the applicant are in a language other than English, an attested English version of the certificates should also be uploaded. .
  • An application will be summarily rejected if there is any discrepancy between the material particulars filled in the application form and the supporting documents. The name of the applicant, his/her date of birth and qualification will be considered as material particulars in this context.
  • The candidates who have passed MD in General Medicine & Allied Specilities will only be considered eligible for admission.
  • Applicants possessing degrees awarded by Universities/Colleges/ Institutes which are not recognized by the University Grants Commission are not eligible for admission to these  program.


5. Mode of Payment and Fee Structure:

  • Tution fee : Rs.90,000/- Plus 18% GST for the entire course.
  • Registration Fee Rs: 4000/- Plus 18% GST
  • Examination Fee: Shall be communicated at the time of examination yearly.
  • Registration Fee and Tuition Fees shall be paid by any one of the following means: Demand Draft / NEFT or Direct bank transfer. No Cash fee will be acceptable.

Course fee payble in the name of : JROP Institute & Research Centre LLP ,Delhi
Bank Name:              Axis Bank Limited
A/C No:                      919020081811642
IFSC Code:               UTIB0000208
Branch:                      C -3, Ashok Vihar, Phase I, New Delhi -110052


6. Admission and Enrollment number:
The students admitted will be assigned an Enrolment Number. This number, which is different from the Application Number, will continue to be the same till a student completes the program.
Students should invariably quote their Enrolment Number in all their correspondences with the Co-ordinator, JROP Institute of Echocardiography Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler, New Delhi / Chairperson, Admissions Committee, Parul University. Letters received without the Enrollment Number will not receive any attention.


7. Personal Contact Program: (PCP)
Each student thus admitted shall under a compulsory personal contact program which will be arranged 6 times in 12 months duration with 100% compulsory attendance along with Hands on Sessions. The sessions will be fixed once in every 2 months depending on situation. A candidate has to appear in all sessions continuously so as to complete the program.
A regular exam of questions and avi clips will be conducted from the 2nd part of the first session or 2nd session onwards to 6th session.
At the end of 12 months, 3-theory and one practical examination shall be conducted as per schedule along with questions and avi clips. The exam shall be conducted every year as per the schedule notified by Parul University / JROP Institute schedule.
Attendance at the PCPs of the following Programme is compulsory for the number of days stated below:

Subject Code

Title of the Program

CPCP Regulations


1 year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Health Science
(Clinical Echocardiography)

Six spells of two days each in a year
(100% compulsory attendance)

Personal Contact Program (Theory & Practical Classes) will be organized by JROP Institute of Echocardiography Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler, New Delhi at JROP Institute of Echocardiography, Delhi / Parul University, Vadodara.
A circular with details of date, venue, Compulsory attendance particulars and time for the Personal Contact Program to be held shall be intimated to the students with sufficient notice in order to enable them to make necessary arrangements for attending the programmes.
PCP Attendance Regulation

  • No student shall be permitted to take the examination if he/she fails to satisfy the minimum requirement of attendance at the compulsory Personal Contact Programme.
  • If he/she takes the examination without attending the Compulsory Personal Contact Programme, the result of examination shall be cancelled.


8. Enquires and Correspondance:
All enquiries and correspondence (except those relating to University Examinations) must be addressed to

The Chief Program Coordinator,
JROP Institute of Echocardiography Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler
“A unit of JROP Institute & Research Centre LLP”
C-1/16, Ashok Vihar -II,  Delhi – 110 052, India

Tel: 91-11-2741-5646 , 450-440-40

Cell: 91-9560188488 , 9811013246

Website: www.echocourse.in
e-mail:  echocourse@gmail.com , jrop2001@yahoo.com

Timings: 11.00 AM  to 4:00 PM


The Chairperson, Admissions Committee, Parul University, P.O.Limda,
Ta: Waghodia, Dist: Vadodara, Gujarat
Phone    : 02668-260-300
Website : www.paruluniversity.ac.in
 email :  admissions@paruluniversity.ac.in
Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


9. University Examination:

Parul University, Vadodara / JROP Institute of Echocardiography , Delhi  examinations will be held in May 2023 for the program. No supplementary exam shall be conducted for the students. They can take an exam every year, subject to maximum 3 attempts in 3 years. The examination fee shall be separate and will be communicated to students three months before the examination every year.
Application forms for registration for the examinations along with examination centre, time-table, fees payable and other regulations governing the examinations, should be downloaded, from Parul University, Vadodara, Website: www.paruluniversity.ac.in  or JROP Institute of Echocardiography, Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler , Delhi  www.echocourse.in
Students failing to attend the PCP classes are not eligible to sit for the examination held at the end of the year(s), wherever attendances at the classes are compulsory.
If, inspite of this warning, a student failing to fulfil the attendance requirement gets himself/ herself registered for the examination, and writes the examination, his/her results will be cancelled.


10. Hall Ticket :

Hall ticket and Examination schedule can be downloaded from the website:    
The intimation of venue of examination with the Register Number will be sent to students through SMS to their Mobile Numbers registered with Parul University one month prior to the commencement of examinations. If a student does not receive the same, he/she is required to download the information from the university website.
Further, if a student who had applied in time for registration, has not received any venue intimation, he/she is required to contact the Controller of Examinations in Parul University with the Photostat copies of his /her examination application form, demand draft for examination fees and acknowledgement etc., to enable the Controller of Examinations to allow him/her to write the examination provisionally.
Candidates will not be permitted to appear in the Examination without their Hall Ticket.


11. Examination Result and Issue of Mark Sheet:

All enquiries regarding the examinations, publication of results, re-totalling of marks, issue of marks sheet, provisional certificate, etc. should be addressed to the Controller of Examinations,Parul University, P.O.Limda, Ta: Waghodia, Dist: Vadodara, Gujarat-391760.        
Phone No.: 02668-260-300.

E-mail: coe@paruluniversity.ac.in


12. Issuance of the Successful Completion Certificate:
An Award ceremony shall be arranged in Delhi by JROP Institute of Echocardiography , Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler , Delhi to award the completion  certificate to successful candidates. The ceremony will be attended by the  board members of Parul University and JROP Institute of Echocardiography , Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler , Delhi.


13. Jurisdiction:

 With regard to any dispute arising in any matter including admission, returning of Original Certificates, Classes, examinations, remittance of fees, etc., only the Courts and Tribunals having jurisdiction over Gujarat State.
The application for admission also carries this conditional clause, and all applicants by virtue of their signature on the form, will be deemed to have accepted to be bound by it.


14. PG Certificate Course in Health Science ( Clinical Echocardiography)
a. Duration : One year / (the student is allowed to complete the program with in 3 years from date of joining. Can appear in the examination for a          maximum three times. Then he becomes ineligible and have to repeat the course.)
b. Medium of Instruction : English
c. Eligibility :  i) Candidates with MD Degree in General  Medicine and Allied Specialities ( Paediatrics, Critical Care, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine , Pulmonolgy ) from recognized  University or any other  University recognised as equivalent there to with full registration of the concerned State Medical Council ).
ii) PGDCC from IGNOU
d. Terms and Condition: Only those physicians or cardiologist, who have attended JROP Institute of Echocardiography , Ultrasound & Vascular Dopler , Delhi ,basic 7 days echo course from “JROP Institute” are eligible for this program with access to echo machine and one local coordinator cardiologist at their place of work. (A letter form concerned local faculty is important along with self certificate that echo machine is available with them to practice at their place of work.) In special circumstances , permission may be given to students , who have not attended the 7 days basic program from JROP Institute of Echocardiography, Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler, Delhi , may be given after due interview and any prescribed test in delhi.


1st Session :Session shall be two days in a month, starting from 11.00 hrs.           on Saturday till 20.00 hrs. Sunday starting at 09.00 hr. till 16.00 or more.
2nd to 6th Session :Morning sesson on saturady will have an examination from 11.00 to 13.00 hrs, comprising of previous session chapters. Saturdays and Sunday will have Hands on Session for 2.5 hrs. each. Sunday will have question answer session at the end of program (i.e. 14.00 -16.00 hrs.)
1st Session

  • Introduction of M-Mode, 2D Echocardiography
  • Doppler and Color Flow mapping
  • Knobology & Optimization of Colour Doppler system
  • Chamber quantification
  • Left & Right heart hemodynamics

2nd Session

  • Valvular stenotic lesion
  • Valvular Regurgitant lesion
  • Prosthetic Valve

3rd Session

  • Systolic Function Evaluation
  • Diastolic function Evaluation
  • Left sided cardiomyopathy

4th Session

  • Sequential evaluation of Congenital heart disease
  • Evaluation of Acyanotic CHD
  • Evaluation of Cyanotic CHD
  • 5th Session
  • Evaluation of disease of right heart and pulmonary hypertension
  • Right sided Cardiomyopathy
  • Mitral Valve prolapse syndrome
  • 6th Session
  • Echo in evaluation of systemic illnesses
  • Echo in Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus
  • Preoperative evaluation in non cardiac surgery
  • Carotid Doppler Studies
  • Digital Stress Echocardiography