Programme Overview

43RD Comprehensive Course of Echo ( Basic Course)

25th April 2021 onwards


1. Program Overview:

April , 2000 ,the program was started by Echo & Color Doppler Centre, The JROP

Associates , at Sunderlal Jain Hospital , Delhi. It conducted program till October 2006 , when hospital expelled this centre due to its draconian policy headed by Dr. Chander Prakash and Mr. V K Jain and did not allow to conduct its twice yearly program in April 2007.

JROP Institute of Echocardiography , Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler , started its

April 2007 teaching program in the present premise from 22nd June , 2007 and till date , it has conducted 41 programs , twice in a year without any single break.

The 42nd program was scheduled for Nov 2020 , however it could not be conducted due to COVID-19 pandemic . Hence after waiting for 2 months , the institute plans to conduct this 42nd program , partly online and partly “Hands on” with out compromising the numbers of “Hands on training hours.” The 42nd basic online echo training program going on successfully.

JROP Institute of Echocardiography, Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler, Delhi will conduct 43rd Comprehensive Course on Echocardiography from 11th April, 2021, as online classes. As soon the COVID-19 situation will improve, we will conducting the remaining classes and on site “Hands on program”.


2. Certificate:


Three separate certificates shall be awarded to participants after completion of the

43rd Comprehensive Course of Echo ( Basic Course) :
i. Online certificate of completion of course.
ii. “Hands on training” program completion certificate.
iii. Certificate of excellence for the best batch for winner of “Do it and
lets us know – How much you have learned” test on last day.


3. Accreditations :


43rd Comprehensive Course of Echo ( Basic Course) :

i. Indian Academy of Echo
ii. International Society of Cardiovascular ultrasound , USA
iii. Delhi Medical Council
iv. PCPNDT - NW district of Govt . of Delhi & NCR.


4. Program Schedule:


A. On line training program: The program will have 10 modules and 20
lectures of 1 hrs duration. Each module training shall be in the form of :

a. First on line lecture of the module.
b. Then participant will be given literature and course material for each module, followed by assignment, which he/she has to complete within prescribed time.
c. Then Question Answer Session online.
d. Subsequently an online MCQ examination will be held for the participants with immediate onsite result. The participant shall be able to take the examination from his own home with pre determined date and time.
e. This will lead to completion of said module.
f. All 10 modules have to be completed in 4 months from the date of onset / joining the course.
g. Participant shall be eligible to undergo “Hands on training”only after successful completion of online training program.
h. In case the COVID -19 situation improves , the remaining classes and “Hands on session “will be conducted.


B. “Hands on training program” :

The participant shall have to come up to Thursday late night , so that he can join the class on Friday morning at 08:30 am.
b. The Hands on training program shall be of three days :
i. Friday : 900-1300 hrs. and 1400-1800 hrs.
ii. Saturday : 900-1300 hrs. and 1400-1800 hrs.
iii. Sunday : 9.00-1300 hrs.
iv. Sunday : 1400-1600 hrs. “Do it and lets us know – How much you have learned"
v. Sunday: 1700 hrs onwards : Closing Ceremony & Certificate distribution.


5. Accommodation and local travel:

a. The Institute shall help the participants to arrange hotel / Guest house nearby at participant expanses.
b. The delegates can travel to hotels by hiring Uber cab or local yellow black taxi from the airport or railway station.
c. Overseas students will be picked up and accommodated in the nearby accommodation by the institute, if they wish so.


6. Host faculty :

a. Col. SK Parashar
b. Dr. H K Chopra
c. Dr. Rakesh Gupta
d. Dr Sameer Shrivastava


7. Invited Faculty:

a. Dr. Abhijit Chatterjee , Kolkata
b. Dr. Ashok Garg , Jaipur
c. Dr. Debika Chatterjee , Kolkata
d. Dr. T M Aggarwal , Delhi
e. Dr. Atul Gupta , Delhi
f. Dr. Nandita Chakraborti, Kolkata
g. Dr. Ashish Saxena , Ludhiana
h. Dr. Sanjivini Inamdar , Pune
i. Dr. Aastha Kansal , Bijnor , U.P
j. Dr. Sandeep Bohra, Bengaluru
k. Mrs. Sangeeta Porwal , Pune
l. And many more


8. Preconditions: Delegate/ Student …

a. Must be PG in Medicine and allied specialties.
b. Must have access to echo machine at your place of work or planning to purchase one before the completion of the course.
c. Zeal of learning art of echocardiography and its application in practice.


9. Examinations:

Onsite learning , on Sunday afternoon , Final session “Do it and lets us know – How

much you have learned” will be conducted, before the closing ceremony
and certificate distribution. The successful group shall be awarded
another certificate of excellence apart from regular certificates.


10. Opportunities:

a. Exceptional candidate shall have the opportunity to under go further learning program of “ JROP Institute”.
b. The JROP Institute can help them in establishing the Echo lab at their place of work.
c. Nationally, a large demand of trained echocardiogist exists. The JROP Institute can help in recommending their names to the respective Institutes.


11. Fee Schedule / Course Fee:

a. Alone online training program registration fee is 30,000/- plus GST 18% payable to JROP Institute at the time of registration.
b. Alone on site training program with “Hands on session”, the registration fee is 50,000/- plus GST 18% payable to JROP Institute at the time of registration. The candidate must have completed the online course first to enroll into onsite “Hands on session”.


12 . Contact Information:

JROP Institute of Echocardiography , Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler,
C-1/16 , Ashok Vihar , Phase II , Delhi-110052 , India
email: echocourse@gmail.com , jrop2001@yahoo.com


Dr. Navin C Nanda : International President , nanda@uab.edu


Dr. S K Parashar Dr H K Chopra Dr Sameer Shrivastava

+91-9810146231 +91-9811090204 +91-9810154522

National President Course Director Course Director

drparashar@yahoo.com drhkchopra@gmail.com sameer_rashmi@hotmail.com


Dr. Rakesh Gupta Mrs Reena Dua

+91-9811013246 +91-9560188488

Course Director Course Coordinator

Chief Course coordinator echocourse@gmail.com